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DIY Silent Discos

What is a Silent Disco? Essentially, we provide wireless headphones for everyone at your event, and they can all listen through these without making any noise out in the space. It's a lot of fun, and definitely something different to add the 'WOW' factor to your event. It's perfect in lots of different situations - and we've included some of our ideas below.


How does it work? We provide everything that you need for this system - and that's because it makes it really easy to use! All you need is enough headphones for everybody, a transmitter (to send the signal to the headphones), and something to make sound. This could be a laptop, phone or iPad, or right up to a full disco, band or movie system!


What do I get? For a standard hire, we provide all of the headphones tested and with fully charged batteries, and even give you a couple of spares as a back-up. We also give you the cables to plug in your sound source (laptop etc), and detailed instructions on how to plug it in and make it work! We use trusted headphones designed by the company that provided setups for the London 2012 Olympics, Glastonbury Festivals and much more.

Some ideas of perfect situations for our Silent Disco Headphones.


Parties & Events

Hook up a Laptop or Phone and make a playlist of your favourite songs in iTunes/Spotify etc. Done! Why not hire some of our disco lighting equipment as well to make the full party atmosphere?! 

Cinema / Movie Nights

Plug in a Laptop, DVD player or even Netflix etc and a big screen and have a movie night to remember! We also have a range of Projectors & Screens available to hire, with discounts available when booked with a silent disco kit! Our headphones use stereo sound, so you get the feeling of surround sound without the need for lots of speakers!

School Discos & Events

Ever wanted to have a party for some of the school without disrupting the rest? This system is perfect for this situation and means that you can have an end of term party, or anything for that matter without having to worry about what the classroom next door might think! These are also useful for films and even music tests, allowing everyone to hear the same thing, and set the volume for themselves.

House Parties

The perfect option to have a house party without disrupting your neighbours! If you've always wanted to have a big disco party in the comfort of your own house (without having the expense of hiring a venue) - but haven't been able to because you'd annoy the people next door, then this is the only solution! Add one of our lighting systems to make the ultimate party!

Recording Sessions

We use these headphones with our Portable Recording Studio setup, and you can do the same! They sound great, and have no latency or cables to get in the way - the perfect solution!

Audio Description / Alternative Audio Transmission

If you want to put on a show and add the option of audio description, or maybe a live translation, we can provide a suitable system! You could also use this to show a tv show / sports etc to some people at an event, without playing it out for everyone to hear.


There are so many other uses for Silent Disco headphones - the only limitation is your imagination!

If you pick up everything from us beforehand at IP1 5EQ & return it to us after the party - our simple pricing is as below: 

  • Silent Disco Headphones - £3.50 each per day
    (first pic - supplied tested with fully charged batteries) 

  • Basic Silent Disco Transmitter - £6 each per day
    (second pic - ideal for smaller events or parties at home, requires mains power)

  • Professional Silent Disco Transmitter - £20 each per day
    (bottom pic - ideal for larger events, also can be battery powered if totally wireless operation is required)

  • All packages come with spares, and a complete user guide with instructions on setting up and using the equipment, tips for a perfect party & links to example playlists

  • If you'd like to add disco lights, take a look at out DIY Disco package - we can offer just the lighting elements for £20 as an addon to Silent Discos!

Up to 3 transmitters can be used at once to give your guests the option to swap between different playlists / DJs etc. You can connect as many headphones as you like to a single transmitter!    All you need to run your own silent disco is a transmitter, and enough headphones for your guests!

Delivery, set up and other options are also available. We also offer discounts off the price of this item when booked alongside other hire packages from us, or our friends at JLA Sound and Light - see more of our services below!

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